About Us

Rosebank Road Public School is located in Pickering, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Rosebank Road Public School is a small school located in the south west corner of Pickering, bounded by the Rouge Valley, Lake Ontario, Petticoat Creek and the 401. Rosebank Road Public School serves Kindergarten to Grade 8 school with a population of approximately 220 students. We currently have 12.7 full-time equivalent teachers, 2 ECEs and 1.5 educational assistant. All students are in walking distance from the school.

Mission statement

At Rosebank Road Public School we believe that all students are capable of demonstrating their highest level of achievement, and we are committed to supporting students in pursuing their goals while celebrating their successes. Through student voice and choice our school is responsive to student well-being, equity and learning needs.  We value the development of Global Competencies for our students and design tasks, activities and events to support their growth.  We are "Rosebank Rhinos" and we "lead the charge" pursuing excellence, problem solving, doing our best and persevering through challenge.  

Principal’s message

Welcome to Rosebank Road Public School.

We are proud of our strong community connections where families, community members, staff and students work together to promote healthy development of all of our students.  Our Rosebank Rhinos "lead the charge" every day towards achieving their goals to the best of their abilities.  We believe that all children will learn best in a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.  We aim to achieve that goal by offering resources, curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that represent the interests and experiences of our students.  We are leading the charge to create a community of learners who enjoy their learning, and are curious problem solvers for the 21st Century. 

Mrs. Goslin